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NEW Italian-crafted 45º with FENIX NTM® bathroom furniture collection

Introducing the Italian-crafted 45º FENIX NTM® bathroom furniture collection, with the entire line characterized by a unique 45 degree design feature, integrated basin with infinity drain and the latest generation of technological material - FENIX NTM®.

The seamless collection is Italian-crafted using quality, technological + sustainable materials with the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world. The collection comprises of wall-mount vanities categorized as five series, based on width, as follows: series 700: 27½", series 900: 35½", series 1200: 47¼", series 1400: 55" and series 1800: 71".

45º FENIX NTM® collection wall-mount vanities provide the following features & benefits:

  • FENIX NTM® Nanotech material is an innovative interior design product: a smart surface, extremely matte, fingerprint proof, soft to the touch but resistant to rubbing, abrasions, impacts, and thermally seaf-heals micro-scratches. It is a material that significantly reduces bacteria and is also easy to clean, mold-proof, antistatic, water-repellent and resistant to dry heat. Realized with the help of nanotechnologies, FENIX combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of the-art technological performance.
  • Integrated basin with infinity drain: integrated basin with central drain concealed by a sloped cover, eliminates the traditional drain, while offering a sleek and clean look.
  • Unique 45º design feature: The entire furniture collection is characterized by a unique 45 degree design feature, which is achieved in vanity frames by delicately folding the wood pieces to create 45° joins at the angles. This design feature is evident on all four angles of the mirror frames & vanity, serving to further elevate the quality craftsmanship inherent in this collection.

 Two vanity design options:

  • FULL features a slim inner drawer within a drawer design, which provides quick & easy access to smaller items, while facilitating a clean, minimalist look externally.
  • UP vanity design provides a single drawer with an open bottom shelf to store and display towels and other toiletries.
  • Material and Finish: This collection of vanities consist of a wood frame with integrated stainless steel infinity-style basin, coated in FENIX NTM® material and available in Black matte and White matte finishes. Serving to further differentiate this collection, vanity drawer fronts are also available in a choice of natural wood finishes and new sleek lacquer colors.
Note: Wood is a natural product, therefore any variations in color, vein or finish on wood is considered part of the wood's value and craftsmanship.
  • Plumbing clearance drawer design: Vanity drawers are designed to maximize storage space while separating stored items from plumbing drain pipes. 
  • Hettich soft-close system: Promoting a minimalist, handle-free aesthetic, all 45º vanities feature a recessed finger pull channel to easily open the drawer, while Hettich technology is incorporated to provide a smooth, soft-close operation every time. 

Coordinating 45° collection framed mirror option, featuring soft LED lighting with color temperature 4200K:

  • Mirror frames are available in Black matte or White Matte lacquer finish
  • LED perimeter lighting is subtly positioned behind the frosted edging, which omits a soft glow that also provides a smart night light option. Lighting is operated by a discreet ¼" touch sensor switch, located on the mirror face. 

Additional benefits of the 45º FENIX NTM® furniture collection include:

  • Eco-friendly materials used for sustainability: Stainless steel + Idroleb ecological panels using recycled wood boast the lowest formaldehyde emissions globally 
  • Quick & easy installation: Mirrors feature an integral channel on the backside to allow the installer adjust brackets to hit studs accordingly. Similarly, vanities are equipped with one continuous bracket along the backside to allow easy retro-fitting / hitting studs where backing or additional support is not available
  • amanpuri blu∙stone™ bathtub is available with recessed shelving units, characterized by the same unique 45 degree join on all four angles, in coordinating White matte lacquer finish. amanpuri·8 soaker bathtub is 91½" in length. 

Click here to view the complete 45º FENIX NTM® collection.